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Hempura CBD 2020 Customer Insight Survey – Results!

Customer Insight Survey


After a year is over we like to conduct a survey to get a feel for how we are performing as a company, and also to better understand our customers and how they are using Hempura CBD products. This information enables us to better improve our services and to see if we are doing things right (or not!).

Below you can find the results of the survey that was issued on the 2nd February 2020 with an N value of 349. We decided to keep the questions included reasonably straightforward & with uncomplicated answers to maximise the validity of the answers provided.


Survey Charts & Results


Survey results for question "How do you take CBD?"

This question was multiple-choice, meaning participants could select more than one answer.

The survey results for “How do you take CBD” shows sublingual CBD oil / CBD chocolate dosing is the most popular at 73.20% of the overall votes. As the question was multiple choice, it was noted that some users were using a combination of products to meet their daily CBD goal. Topical dosing does not count towards a daily goal, but instead, users are using it for external results alongside internally consumed products.


Survey results for question "What time of day do you take CBD?"

This question was multiple-choice, meaning participants could select more than one answer.

It can be recognised that users used CBD mostly in the morning at 46%, potentially after waking, and also mainly in an evening at 42.80%. It can be concluded that users tend not to use it between 12 pm and 5 pm due to being at work, or similar, or are using it for issues faced mostly on a morning or an evening. Users may also find that taking CBD on a morning lasts them until the evening.


Survey results for question "Roughly, what dosage of CBD do you take per day?"

The results for CBD dosage were interesting. It showed that a large percentage (69.40%) used only between 10-25mg per day. This demonstrates that CBD does not need to be an expensive treatment for many, being able to deliver 25mg (the top end of the range of 10-25mg of CBD) for only around ~£1.62 per day if buying a Hempura 1000mg CBD oil product at £64.99 (£64.99 / 200 drops (5mg per drop) * 5 drops).


Survey results for question "Do you take CBD every day?"

Depending on the individual, CBD does not need taking every day, as demonstrated by the survey results above, with only around three-quarters of users claiming to use it every day.


Survey results for question "Do you feel better from taking Hempura CBD?"

A significant 94.80% of people claimed they felt better from taking Hempura CBD oils & products. While we are unable to share the details provided by consumers of why they are taking Hempura CBD products due to government legistlation, the range of issues is vast and ranges from low to high in terms of severity.


Survey results for question "Do you feel addicted to using CBD?"

97.40% of users claimed they did not feel addicted to CBD, which indicates almost no addictive potential. Only a small percentage (2.60%) likely built a minor psychological dependency due to the benefits they experience from taking Hempura products, rather than a strong physical dependence.


Survey results for question "Would you recommend Hempura products to friends and family?"


Survey results for question "Would you agree Hempura is trustworthy?"

The above two survey questions speak for themselves. With just short of 100% of users saying they would recommend Hempura products to family and friends and that they trust us for CBD, we are beyond delighted the results have been so positive. We would like to thank all of our customers for trusting us, and we will continue to strive to provide the best and most authentic CBD products and experience in the UK and globally.

If you have any questions about this survey, please feel free to contact us.


Last Updated on 09/03/2022

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