Hempura Lab Certificates

Lab reports are a legal requirement to sell CBD products in the UK. At Hempura, we operate full product traceability and strict process for managing the batches of our products to ensure safety. Hempura products are manufactured with their unique batch code and corresponding lab report to demonstrate the important CBD, THC and CBN content, and often other cannabinoids. Read more about Hempura here. This code, also found on the rear of all products, can be searched on our online database below.


Search our CBD Lab Certificates database below!

Just want to see an example? Search code: 1144211

Batch Code Sample Name CBD Content (mg) Date of Test Certificate (click to open)
1344476 500mg CBD Vape (10ml) 520.60mg / 5.206% 08/10/2021 report
1544477 250mg Original CBD Oil (10ml) 257.60mg / 2.80% 08/10/2021 report
1644477 500mg Original CBD Oil (10ml) 517.50mg / 5.625% 08/10/2021 report
1744473 1000mg Original CBD Oil (10ml) 1001.328mg / 10.884% 05/10/2021 report
5044477 250mg CBD Cream (50ml) 285.60mg / 0.595% 08/10/2021 report
9044454 2400mg Berry CBD Oil (30ml) 2521.15mg / 8.754% 17/09/2021 report
0144327 250mg Refined CBD Oil 267.90mg 11/05/2021 report
0244326 500mg Refined CBD Oil 501.31mg 11/05/2021 report
0344326 1000mg Refined CBD Oil 1033.71mg 11/05/2021 report
1144211 300mg CBD Capsules 302.10mg 28/01/2021 report
1544370 250mg Original CBD Oil 263.39mg 25/06/2021 report
1644370 500mg Original CBD Oil 508.21mg 25/06/2021 report
1744370 1000mg Original CBD Oil 1041.99mg 23/06/2021 report
0144295 250mg Refined Oil 260.08mg 13/04/2021 report
0344298 1000mg Refined Oil 1011.08mg 13/04/2021 report
1544404 250mg Original Oil 273.15mg 27/07/2021 report
1644404 500mg Original Oil 502.41mg 27/07/2021 report
1744404 1000mg Original Oil 1019.64mg 27/07/2021 report
5044386 250mg CBD Cream 251.50mg 27/07/2021 report
5144378 500mg CBD Cream 528.96mg 27/07/2021 report
5044361 250mg CBD cream 249.00mg 15/06/2021 report
5144361 500mg CBD cream 524.00mg 15/06/2021 report
1544298 250mg Original CBD Oil 256.31mg 13/04/2021 report
1644302 500mg Original CBD Oil 534.06mg 21/04/2021 report
1744298 1000mg Original CBD Oil 1069.22mg 13/04/2021 report
1344336 500mg Vape 501.20mg 20/05/2021 report
9944278 Precision CBD - 3000mg 3072.39mg 23/03/2021 report
2243990 10 x 10mg Chocolates 103.90mg 16/06/2021 report
2344141 10 x 25mg Chocolates 284.60mg 06/11/202 report
2443955 10 x 50mg Chocolates 504.40mg 04/05/2020 report
1544215 250mg Original CBD Oil 257.692mg 20/01/2021 report
1744271 1000mg Original CBD Oil 990.288mg 17/03/2021 report
9044105 2400mg CBD Wild Berry 2416.74mg 01/10/2020 report
0144116 250mg Oil Dropper 272.78mg 16/10/2020 report
0244187 500mg Oil Dropper 501.95mg 24/12/2020 report
0344187 1000mg Oil Dropper 1021.10mg 24/12/2020 report
1244218 250mg CBD Vape Liquid 251.50mg 22/01/2021 report
1344218 500mg CBD Vape Liquid 503.10mg 22/01/2021 report
1544211 250mg Oil Dropper Raw 262.47mg 20/01/2021 report
1644211 500mg Oil Dropper Raw 509.31mg 20/01/2021 report
1744211 1000mg Oil Dropper Raw 1038.12mg 20/01/2021 report
2944151 Lemon Tea 167.00mg 19/11/2020 report
2844151 Raspberry Tea 93.60mg 19/11/2020 report
0244147 500mg Oil Dropper 528.54mg 13/11/2020 report
1744147 1000mg Oil Dropper RAW 1080.54mg 13/11/2020 report
0144077 250mg Oil Dropper 250.05mg 16/11/2020 report
1143964 Oral Caps 364.50mg 13/05/2020 report
1644147 500mg Oil Dropper RAW 525.41mg 13/11/2020 report
1544147 250mg Oil Dropper RAW 265.05mg 13/11/2020 report
0344147 1000mg Oil Dropper 1035.36mg 13/11/2020 report
2444141 10 x 50mg White Chocolates 563.50mg 06/11/2020 report
2244141 10 x 10mg White Chocolates 121.30mg 06/11/2020 report
1444124 100mg CBD Vape Liquid 100.60mg 20/10/2020 report
1244124 250mg CBD Vape Liquid 269.90mg 20/10/2020 report
1744095 1000mg Oil Dropper RAW 1000.22mg 22/09/2020 report
1644095 500mg Oil Dropper RAW 500.57mg 22/09/2020 report
1544095 250mg Oil Dropper RAW 250.14mg 22/09/2020 report
2944099 Lemon Hemp Tea 36.00mg 25/09/2020 report
2844099 Raspberry Hemp Tea 25.50mg 25/09/2020 report
2344075 250mg White Chocolates 255.10mg 02/09/2020 report
2244075 100mg White Chocolates 103.90mg 02/09/2020 report
1144069 300mg Oral Caps 327.75mg 26/08/2020 report
2444075 500mg White Chocolates 528.70mg 02/09/2020 report
0144068 250mg Oil Dropper 252.35mg 25/08/2020 report
1144030 300mg Oral Caps 327.75mg 14/07/2020 report
0144039 250mg Oil Dropper 255.48mg 31/07/2020 report
0344039 1000mg Oil Dropper 1043.37mg 31/07/2020 report
1643994 500mg Oil Dropper Raw 503.51mg 11/06/2020 report
0244020 500mgOil Dropper 510.87mg 09/07/2020 report
1744042 1000mg Oil Dropper Raw 1060.11mg 31/07/2020 report
1144026 300mg Oral Caps 327.75mg 14/07/2020 report
2244005 100mg White Chocolates 103.90mg 16/06/2020 report
1443990 100mg CBD Vape Liquid 127.00mg 10/06/2020 report
1243990 250mg CBD Vape Liquid 265.00mg 10/06/2020 report
1543994 250mg Oil Dropper Raw 265.88mg 16/06/2020 report
1143998 Oral Caps 364.50mg 14/04/2020 report
1343990 500mg CBD Vape Liquid 535.00mg 10/06/2020 report
1543942 250mg Oil Dropper Raw 245.91mg 29/04/2020 report
1143936 Oral Caps 364.50mg 14/04/2020 report
1743942 1000mg Oil Dropper Raw 1032.51mg 29/04/2020 Report
1343942 500mg Vape Liquid 512.00mg 21/04/2020 Report
0243867 500mg Refined Oil 541.88mg 14/02/2020 Report
1243942 250mg CBD Vape Liquid 256.00mg 21/04/2020 Report
0143902 250mg Refined Oil 249.78mg 23/03/2020 Report
0343902 1000mg Refined Oil 1000.86mg 18/03/2020 Report
1643942 500mg Oil Dropper Raw 516.58mg 29/04/2020 Report
2243942 100mg White Chocolates 101.00mg 21/04/2020 Report
1743923 1000mg Oil Dropper Raw 1050.64 03/04/2020 Report
0143867 250mg Oil Dropper 257.60mg 06/02/2020 Report
0243772 500mg Oil Dropper 495.88mg 07/11/2019 Report
0343822 1000mg CBD Oil Dropper 1000.13mg 10/01/2020 Report
1743818 1000mg Oil Dropper Raw 104300.00mg 20/01/2020 Report
1143864 300mg CBD Capsules 364.50mg 21/02/2020 Report
2343885 10 x 25mg CBD Chocolates 254.10mg 24/02/2020 Report
2443885 10 x 50mg CBD Chocolates 525.00mg 24/02/2020 Report
1243885 250mg CBD Vape Liquid 254.00mg 11/02/2020 Report
0243822 500mg CBD Oil Dropper 500.57mg 10/01/2020 Report
0143822 250mg CBD Oil Dropper 251.89mg 15/01/2020 Report
5143693 500mg CBD Cream 504.40mg 16/08/2019 Report
5043697 250mg CBD Cream 254.80 20/08/2019 Report
5043692 250mg CBD Cream 268.80mg 15/08/2019 Report

Can’t find your report? Please send us a quick email so we can investigate.



Every batch of hemp is tested, along with each batch of extract used during the manufacturing processes of Hempura products, to guarantee absolute quality. You can even search your batch code on our database. Batch numbers are displayed on every applicable product and can be searched in the Hempura database. You may read more about our lab reports here plus search our report database.

Last Updated on 04/08/2020

Firstly, the crop of hemp is tested before we purchase the product. Once the distillate is made it is sent for third party analytics. This process is repeated for every new crop of hemp. Every batch of distillate made is then batch tested for CBD and THC with full reports published online.

Last Updated on 04/08/2020

The THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBN (Cannabinol) are important because these are both restricted substances in the UK and must be undetectable for the product to be legal. Although organic compounds extracted similarly from hemp as CBD, THC and CBN can have psychoactive effects on the user. All Hempura products test at <0.01% THC and CBN, we always ensure every product we sell is legal and safe for use.

Our full-spectrum original extracts are left relatively raw after initial extraction, and our broad-spectrum refined extracts go through an extra refinement process to create a highly pure concentrated extract with much of the original hemp constituents removed. This process can inherently remove very tiny amounts of the organic compounds at the benefit of enhanced taste so some may find our original extract more potent, but ultimately both extracts are fantastic, and it is entirely up to the user on which to use.

Last Updated on 21/09/2020

Generally, only compounds above 0.01% of any given solution are able to be detected accurately with modern analytical machines, below these levels, “in analytical chemistry, [the] lower limit of detection, or LOD (limit of detection), is the lowest quantity of a substance that can be distinguished from the absence of that substance (a blank value) with a stated confidence level (generally 99%)” (en.wikipedia.org), but still remain in our extracts at trace levels. The most common techniques used for analysing the cannabinoids in hemp extracts, are high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC; formerly referred to as high-pressure liquid chromatography), and gas chromatography.

Last Updated on 25/02/2021

Our searchable database of batch reports/lab reports/certificates of analysis can be found here –> http://www.hempura.shop/lab-reports/

Simply use the code found on the back of your product to find your corresponding report.

Last Updated on 23/03/2020

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