Our Story

Introduction to Hempura CBD

Founded in 2017, Hempura has quickly grown to become one of the best-known and leading CBD oil brands within the UK CBD industry.

With the founding of the company focused on providing high-quality, safe and highly effective hemp-derived CBD oils and other CBD products, we are appreciative to have built a loyal customer base that trust us in our mission to help people through natural, organic alternatives.

Our pure hemp-extracted CBD formulations are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology as well as careful growing processes to guarantee high, consistent quality for all of our cannabidiol products. We are committed to bringing you the purest and best quality CBD products on the market.


To demonstrate that at Hempura we have some of the best CBD products the UK has to offer, we use third-party lab testing for every batch of hemp used during manufacture, as well as each finished product's batch to ensure absolute quality and transparency. Each final product's lab results can be searched by every customer on our online database.

"By being transparent and teaching our customers about the products, we empower them to make the right choices by building confidence and trust" - Lewis Hadaway, Founder of Hempura

The Founder

Lewis Hadaway, the Founder of Hempura CBD, previously worked in the Nuclear industry, overseeing engineering project plans on nuclear sites across the UK and Poland. While working, he completed a degree in Project Management with a 1st Class Honours at University.

Having always had an interest in business and entrepreneurship, selling sweets he'd buy on the way into secondary school in his early life, before selling products on large well-known online marketplaces from the age of 17, Lewis decided to hand his notice in and follow his passion in business.

Using his past experiences, Lewis began to build Hempura CBD from the ground up by himself, starting from nothing but the company name.

The Reason

Back in 2017, when the CBD industry was in its infancy, the CBD market at that time was flooded with low-quality products and cowboy-esque companies that were not operating at the level consumers deserved. Products were being sold to hopeful individuals that, when tested, were shown to contain no CBD at all - and in some cases had high levels of illegal substances such as THC and CBN, putting consumers at risk. Also, many products came with poor labelling and supporting documentation, and very little insight into it's source, meaning consumers were left in the dark on exactly what they were consuming.

This was why Hempura was founded, to right the wrongs evident in the newly emerging CBD industry and provide consumers a trusted source for CBD products. By ensuring Hempura's products are some of the best CBD products money can buy, as well as teach our customers about them, we hope those that are dependant on the benefits of CBD may trust us for years to come.

Company Ethos and Values

At the core of every good business are strong values. These are what guide the business and it's staff into doing what's best. At Hempura, we have a strong collection of core company values that govern our actions:

+ Delight every customer and build strong relationships. Treat every customer with respect and humility

+ Customer safety is paramount, particularly in this new and emerging industry of consumption products

+ Sustainability - to ensure our impact on the Earth is limited

+ Traceability from seed to shelf to ensure our customers are confident in what they're getting and get what they pay for


At Hempura we firmly in protecting our environment through sustainably produced CBD. We deliver our products in eco-friendly packaging that is made from recycled materials.

Our aim is to minimise our impact on the planet and reduce our carbon footprint by producing as little waste as possible.

Digitally, our hosting is partner with Google Cloud Hosting, which matches 100% of the energy consumed by their global operations with renewable energy and maintains a commitment to carbon neutrality.


Having good knowledge about the products you buy, where they come from and how they are produced is always important, especially with CBD products.

This is why our products are 100% traceable from seed to sale, with each batch bearing a unique code and corresponding lab report with accurate product information. This gives confidence to our customers that what’s on the label is what’s in the product.

Every batch we produce is sent to an approved third-party laboratory for complete analysis and verification of the lab test results. Our CBD products are manufactured in compliance with the strict quality control measures required in the CBD industry.

Quality Assurance

We don’t test our products on animals and we put exactly what’s in each product on the label to help you make an informed choice.

All our products meet the strict standards of the hemp and CBD industry:

+ Zero Animal Ingredients, by-product or derivative.

+ Zero Animal Testing

+ Zero GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms)

+ Stringent hygiene standards to prevent cross-contamination and other risks

Only The Best-Quality Hemp

We source our hemp from carefully selected and regulated organic EU farms. The all-natural hemp plants are rich in nutrients and free of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, GMOs and other harmful contaminants. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our master growers, we are guaranteed a secure supply chain year-round.

Each harvest is tested before transport to the UK and tested again at key stages during the manufacturing process. This is to ensure quality, purity and consistency in our cannabidiol extracts.

Precision CBD Sport for Atletes

In 2021 we released our Precision CBD Sports range for athletes. This product was to resolve a common concern for athletes contacting us regarding the use of our hemp-based CBD products for sports, as natural extracts can contain very tiny traces of THC.

The Precision CBD sport range has been built from the ground up, instead of using raw extracts with an array of trace compounds. By being able to control the individual compounds within the product, we are able to guarantee absolute zero-THC, meaning this CBD oil is perfect for sports and athletes that are subject to drug testing.

Premium UK CBD Oil That You can Trust

We have the utmost confidence in our premium CBD oils and product range. This is made easy when we've spent years in the UK CBD industry perfecting our products and process, building on knowledge and making contious improvements.

As one of the longest-established and prominent British CBD brands with extremely high-quality CBD products and the option of next day CBD delivery, are you ready to try us today?

Hempura CBD Company Media

Hempura has been ranked the #1 best CBD and has been mentioned in articles by various publishers, and has had TV adverts on ITV as well as various postings in national newspapers.

Hempura TV Adverts