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    Will I fail a drugs test taking CBD oil?

    The THC (and CBN) levels in all Hempura products are of trace & undetectable levels (<0.01%) to ensure our products are 100% legal and safe - similar to how alcohol-free beers must contain no more than <0.05% alcohol[1].

    Over time, if taking any Hempura CBD product, tiny contaminant levels of THC in any of our products may build-up in the body with sustained treatment. THC is stored in the fat cells and released slowly over time, allowing quantities to remain detectable in your body for longer durations of time when compared to CBD.

    All Hempura extracts undergo THC removal, removing the THC to undetectable levels in every product. But, as the extracts are ultimately coming from organically grown cannabis sativa hemp material, there are potentially microscopic contaminant amounts that are unable to be removed without damaging the authenticity and quality of the extracts. The THC levels in our full-spectrum original extracts may generate a visible result much sooner; having undergone less filtration.

    If you are in a role with potential testing, we would recommend sensible consideration. Sportspeople are known to ‘cycle’ using our products to reduce any potential risk, taking the oil for short periods of time with regular breaks. This method may ensure levels are unable to build up sufficiently to be visible, but there is no guarantee.



    Last Updated on 21/09/2020

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