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    Which is best to take, CBD oil or CBD capsules?

    Many users combine both methods. There are a number of different factors which are important to consider when deciding between CBD oils and CBD capsules. These are:

    • mg Amount – How much you want to take
    • Method – How you ingest the substance
    • Time to Feel Effect – How long it takes to feel the effect
    • Bioavailability – How much of the substance is absorbed into the circulation
    • Duration – Over how long the CBD is administered

    CBD Oils

    • mg Amount – this can be controlled by the number of drops and therefore gives you more flexibility
    • Method – Sublingual
    • Time to Feel Effects – Average (10-30 minutes)
    • Bioavailability – Medium (20-35%)
    • Duration – Short

    CBD Capsules

    • mg Amount – capsules come as 10mg so the dosage can only be taken as multiples thereof
    • Method – Oral
    • Time to Feel Effects – Slow (30-60 minutes)
    • Bioavailability – Low (up to 20%)
    • Duration – Long (72hrs)

    Taking a capsule is often a much easier method for some than the traditional dropper method. It has none of the associated taste and there is no need to keep it in your mouth for any length of time. It can also be much more convenient to take on the go. An easy addition to your daily routine.

    For an in-depth read, see our article Are CBD Capsules as Effective as Drops? 

    Last Updated on 27/04/2020

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