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    Which extraction method does Hempura use to manufacture their CBD range?

    The Hempura CBD product range is manufactured to the highest standards using an organic wheat-based ethanol extraction method (no gluten!).

    Ethanol extraction is ideal for producing high-quality full-spectrum extracts. It increases the bio-availability of vitamins, allows for Ester formation and results in an incredibly high-quality distillate. Ethanol extraction not only delivers an incredibly robust and high-quality product, but it is also one of the safest of the extraction methods currently being used across the industry today. It is effective and clean when used in the extraction of terpenes and cannabinoids. It is “generally regarded as safe” by the FDA and is already used in many foods and medicines around the world.

    Ethanol extraction refers to the method used to derive the usable forms of CBD from the Hemp plant itself. Butane, ethanol and CO2 are the most common methods of extraction. Recent developments have shown that ethanol extraction is a fantastic extraction method for hemp, as it allows the integrity of the molecular structure and the terpene profile to remain intact.

    Pure ethanol evaporates without leaving harmful residues, leaving behind a rich CBD concentrated full-plant extract. This Original Extract is the beginning of the entire Hempura range, with some further refining required to produce our Refined Extracts. Hempura products undergo various processes during manufacture such as decarboxylation, filtration, winterisation and more, depending on the technical specification of the end product being manufactured at the time.

    Last Updated on 13/02/2020

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