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    What is the difference between the Original Full-Spectrum and Refined Broad-Spectrum extracts?

    Both types of extract originate from the same special strain of the Cannabis Sativa plant called Industrial Hemp. This is the same plant from which illegal cannabis originates, but, instead, is a strain that does not produce the same unwanted psychoactive effects due to containing very low THC (<0.2%).

    Full-Spectrum Original Extract:
    Our full-spectrum original extract contains a full-plant spectrum which includes many of the organic compounds found in hemp. This is what gives this extract its potent, earthy taste. As it is left raw, *all* of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the original hemp are still in there at the original levels. For the refined extracts, inherently any refinement and purification process will slightly *reduce* the overall trace cannabinoid spectrum. This applies to all of the cannabinoids in the extract, but they are still in there at lower trace levels than the original extract. Our broad-spectrum extracts may still, in fact, contain very low THC.

    – CBD + other trace cannabinoids (THC: <0.01%)

    – Original hemp constituents

    – Terpenes

    This extract contains all the natural components of hemp straight from the field and is our most potent, Original extract. 

    Broad-Spectrum Refined Extract:
    Our broad-spectrum extracts have been winterised & filtered after the original extraction. This allows the compounds to be separated and certain ones removed, leaving a highly activated golden oil, containing only concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes. This process inherently removes small amounts of the other trace cannabinoids from the original extract, meaning it is no longer a true full-spectrum, but rather a refined broad-spectrum extract. This extract is lighter tasting, whilst still possessing the high concentrations of CBD, along with other trace cannabinoids and terpenes.

    – CBD + other trace cannabinoids (THC: possible trace levels)

    – Terpenes

    Last Updated on 21/09/2020

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