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    What is the correct dose of CBD?

    Looking to get started with CBD?

    In this small FAQ we will tell you how much CBD to take. To find your unique dose, it is recommended new users employ the very easy method known as the:

    Uptitration Method (up-tie-tray-shen). This involves:

    1. New users start with 10mg-15mg CBD per day. We have already marked the dosages provided by each product visibly across the store for your convenience. You will see it say things such as ‘10mg per capsule‘, or ‘5mg per 1 individual drop‘.
    2. From 10-15mg per day, you may then build your dose up gradually on a weekly basis whilst evaluating how you feel. Our bodies only require very small doses to get all the benefits, however, can sometimes take a short time to reach its full effect.

    Most users tend to dose anywhere around 10-50mg per day, but whatever dose is comfortable for you is the best advice we can give.

    For more details about what the correct dose of CBD is, feel free to read our in-depth article here.

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    Last Updated on 22/01/2020

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