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    I’ve not been feeling well after taking your oil – why is this?


    If you are sure you are not allergic, a small minority of users do report initial sensitivity and alertness to our extracts as the body is not accustomed to the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes found within them. We would suggest reducing your dose to 1 drop per day after food for a week (mealtime is usually best) to allow your body to become accustomed. Because specific individuals may be sensitive to cannabinoids, we recommend starting with the smallest dose possible for an extended period, allowing the body time to adjust to the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the extracts. Each user that has followed this advice has not come back to us with further issues. If you still experience problems with 1 drop, we would recommend discontinuing use.

    Herxheimer effect

    When your body detoxifies, symptoms such as muscle and sore throat, chills, and a headache etc. take place. All of these issues are regular occurrences and is an indication that viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and other pathogens are being killed. Our immune system tries to remove these toxins, but we are not able to eliminate them quickly enough. As a result, the toxins are capable of causing unpleasant symptoms, and the initial symptoms may even get worse for a short while.

    If you take CBD oil and begin to experience the Herxheimer Effect, begin a detoxification protocol. Drink lots of water, a couple of grams of vitamin C, and foods known to work as antioxidants. Your goal is to speed up the process so that the Herxheimer Effect doesn’t linger. Typically, you could feel these effects for 2-3 days, although some people report the adverse side effects for longer. Remember the reason you took cannabidiol in the first place and try to persevere through if possible. People who experience the Herxheimer Effect often stop taking CBD oil within a day or two. If you persist, the adverse side effects should subside. After this happens, users often report everything settles down, and they can continue dosing as usual.

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    Last Updated on 09/03/2020

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