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    How do I take CBD oil?

    full spectrum bottleWondering how to dose with one of our oils?

    To take any of our CBD oil range you use individual raindrops under the tongue (sublingual), allowing any drops to absorb for around 90 seconds will suffice. Keeping the extract inside the mouth for as long as possible will maximise absorption.

    Our CBD chocolates contain the same extract in measured pieces. These pieces can be melted underneath the tongue as an easy alternative to drops of oil.


    The Instructions for taking CBD Oil

    1. Draw up some oil into the glass dropper and then, in a mirror is easier until you are more adept,
    2. Gently squeeze the rubber tip until an individual drop (1 drop) is released out of the pipette underneath the tongue (approximately 0.05ml or so),
    3. Repeat until you reach your required number of drops,
    4. Wait roughly 90seconds
    5. Viola!

    You can then easily use the drops to control the dosage.

    Do not worry about getting it exact or taking a tiny bit too much as CBD is very safe, even in high amounts.

    Any remaining oil can then be moved around the mouth and gums or swallowed – followed by a drink if necessary.

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    What about your other CBD products?

    Our skin lotion can be applied in small amounts directly as needed. Topically is not a recommended way to ingest CBD into the body, but rather treat the skin itself.

    This means you are able to combine the skin cream with other products without the need to worry about taking too much CBD.

    For our CBD vape liquids, we typically recommend using inhalations, starting from a few per day and gradually increasing until you feel the benefit before maintaining.

    It is harder to dose accurately with a vape, but also difficult to offer accurate CBD vaping dose advice, as nearly every device and user is different in the way they vape.

    Vaping CBD has the highest absorption of all methods, so do not worry too much about the dosage, and use inhalations to control treatment instead.

    Last Updated on 14/12/2021

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