Hempura CBD Partner Programs



Hempura CBD Partner Programs offers unlimited earning potential.

Take advantage of the fast-growing CBD market by offering Hempura Premium CBD products to your family, friends, followers and customers. We have a wide selection of pure CBD products to get your CBD business started or help expand your current product range.

APPLY TODAY with a suitable CBD Partner Program below and start receiving an exclusive affiliate commission!

Due to the nature of the cannabis industry, we are looking only for individuals/companies that are able to operate within regulations and maintain a high level of standards.



Wholesale CBD Distributor

Our wholesale CBD Distributor Program is designed to give you instant access to high-quality Hempura CBD products at low wholesale prices. You can then offer them to your customers in the UK, EU or internationally. As our wholesale partner, we guarantee that we will never undercut the retail price in our distribution channels.

We are always interested in finding driven distribution partners around the globe. We carefully manage our distribution partners to ensure that each one understands the CBD market and the laws surrounding it. We require that our wholesale distributor partners maintain high levels of customer service to continue strengthening our reputation in the industry.

Hempura Wholesale CBD Distributor Partners are committed to:

  • Building strong relationships with customers and provide high-quality customer support if required
  • Upholding the law in all respects during the sale, marketing or distribution of Hempura products
  • Nurturing a long term and mutually beneficial distributor relationship with Hempura
  • Being always mindful of promotional content to maintain Hempura’s brand image

We expect all wholesale CBD / distributor partners to take full responsibility for any pre or post-sales support. Where repeated customer complaints are reported to Hempura, the affiliate partner’s account may be suspended pending review.







Affiliate Link Program

With Hempura’s Affiliate Link Program, our partners have an easy, risk-free opportunity to earn a commission on sales from traffic sent to our store using a unique affiliate link. Every sale referred to our CBD store from your special affiliate link will earn you a healthy commission from our rewarding bonus program. Our advanced affiliates dashboard allows you to track your conversions from every single source, empowering you to refine your content to maximise conversions.


You can start earning with our Affiliate Link Program in 3 easy steps:

  1. Click on the “APPLY HERE” button below.
  2. Complete the application and wait a few days while we review your application
  3. After approval, share your unique Affiliate Link to start earning immediately

Hempura’s Affiliate Link Program enjoys a high conversion rate. We do not put a cap on commissions. Make the most of it today!


Requirements for social media influencers:

  • Must be experienced and professional
  • Non-partisan / controversial content
  • Zero-spam policy


NOTE: All applicants and partner websites are required to go through the review process before becoming an affiliate. Traffic sent via CBD affiliate links is manually checked for quality every month. Where there is evidence of spam or other black hat methods used to share affiliate links, the partner’s account may be suspended. As an extension of Hempura CBD Company, we require all affiliate partners to operate professionally to maintain Hempura’s strong brand image. Affiliate earnings are paid out monthly after procedural review. You cannot earn a commission on orders placed by yourself.







CBD Dropshipping Program

Our CBD Dropshipping Program allows our partners to offer a wide range of CBD products without having to purchase expensive inventory in bulk. With this service, you eliminate all warehouse costs and leave inventory management to us. We will fulfil your orders for you, shipping CBD products directly to your customers.

How Hempura’s CBD Dropshipping Program works

  1. Click on the “APPLY HERE” button below
  2. Complete the application and wait a few days while we review your application
  3. After approval, orders on your E-commerce site are automatically forwarded to our warehouse through an API.


  • Applicants must have a valid, CBD friendly, online payment method live and ready to accept payments. Applications may not be approved until this is in place.
  • Dropshipping partners must take responsibility for any pre-or post-sales support. Where repeated customer complaints are reported to Hempura, the affiliate partner’s account may be suspended pending an investigation.

Please see our Shipping Policy for shipping prices and further information.




CBD transactions are restricted on the following major platforms:



Shopify Payments

Amazon Payments

Amazon Marketplace

eBay, Facebook ads

Google ads

plus many others.



Hempura Shipping Policy


Wondering where Hempura can ship? You may find our Shipping Policy here: http://www.hempura.shop/shipping-policy/


Need help applying? Get in touch with us today.

If you need help or have any questions, our Partner Program team is available now to offer you support. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for anything.