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I’m very impressed with all aspects of this company

I’m very impressed with all aspects of this company  – offering high quality products – information and guidance if required and a quick delivery service. I will definitely be using them again and recommend them to anyone visiting their website.


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What are CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules are rapidly gaining popularity in the UK and EU. They offer an alternative solution to administering cannabidiol and are an effective way to take CBD. This form of CBD is considered one of the most convenient methods of daily supplementing with cannabidiol. You can swallow a capsule anytime, anywhere, at home or on the go, at work or travelling, with a glass of water or with food. You can also easily take your capsules with you by keeping them in their original packaging.


Why CBD Capsules

CBD capsules offer accurate dosing. When supplementing with CBD to meet specific needs, the dosage of CBD becomes essential. Depending on the nature of the need, it is recommended to follow recommended dosing guidelines in order to benefit from the effectiveness of this product. In capsule form, you get a more controlled intake of cannabidiol because each capsule contains a very specific dose of CBD. You no longer have to worry about using too many drops from the pipette or that you have vaped too long.

CBD capsules are devoid of taste and smell. Cannabidiol products enjoy an excellent reputation on all levels, but some may not like the nutty, earthy taste of CBD oil, especially when they have to supplement every day. This is where CBD capsules become a convenient option as they are odourless and tasteless. In addition, Hempura CBD capsules are made from plant cellulose making them ideal for vegans or those who cannot tolerate animal gelatin for health or dietary reasons.

CBD in capsule form works longer. It is true that digestion tends to reduce the effect of cannabidiol on the body, especially when compared to other forms such as CBD oil, e-juice or flower. Nevertheless, the digestion of cannabidiol has a major advantage; the effects, while taking longer to set in, are also significantly more lasting. Taking a capsule of CBD allows you to enjoy the benefits of the active compounds for a longer duration because it takes several hours for cannabidiol to fully diffuse within the body.


 Choose Hempura CBD Capsules

Hempura CBD capsules are made of a natural, vegan-friendly material that is easy for the body to digest. They contain full-spectrum ground organic hemp that has been fully decarboxylated for maximum effect.

With Hempura, you are sure to get a product that is both 100% organic and perfectly legal. We make our customer’s health, safety and wellbeing our priority, so we only use the very best quality hemp. We maintain strict and exacting standards throughout the manufacture of our products to ensure excellence throughout the growing, picking, refining, manufacturing and distribution processes.

The hemp used to manufacture Hempura products is sourced from carefully selected and highly regulated EU farms. Hempura Industrial hemp is organically grown and free from herbicide, pesticide and fungicide. Each harvest is carefully and comprehensively tested before purchase and before entering the UK, and also throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the consistency and quality of our products.

Hempura is proud to be registered with the Vegan Society. All our CBD products are officially vegan certified (except our dairy chocolates) and meet the strict Vegan Society standards which include good hygiene standards across production, zero animal ingredients, by-products or derivatives, no animal testing and no genetically modified ingredients.

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