CBD Dosage Calculator

Welcome to the Hempura CBD Calculator page. Here you can find information on each of our products, displayed in a table for easy comparison.


You don’t need a CBD calculator!

  1. If you are just starting taking CBD, we recommended that you start with a low dose of around 10-15mg, taken in two doses, evenly spaced throughout the day. The milligram amount is conveniently on each of our CBD product pages.
  2. Once you get more familiar with CBD (and the effect that it has on your wellbeing) you can increase the dose slowly, perhaps every 5-7 days, until you reach a point where you feel that you are getting the full benefit of the product.

Read our in-depth article on CBD dose for more information if desired.


CBD Calculator Instructions

  1. At the bottom, you will find an input for the mg amount of CBD you wish to supplement with per day.
  2. When you select this number, you will see an approximate breakdown of how much to take, how long your product will last and a handy cost per day calculation.


Select Target mg Dose: 10
10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 60 70
Product CBD Oil 250mg Original CBD Oil 500mg Original CBD Oil 1000mg Original CBD Oil 250mg Refined CBD Oil 500mg Refined CBD Oil 1000mg Refined CBD Oil 2400mg Pure Wild Berry Capsules 300mg Vape Liquid 250mg Vape Liquid 500mg
~CBD Content (mg) 250 500 1000 250 500 1000 2400 300 250 500
Cost Per Unit 19.99 36.99 64.99 19.99 36.99 64.99 114.99 19.99 19.99 36.99
Measures 200 200 200 200 200 200 600 30 200 200
~CBD per Measure 1.25 2.5 5 1.25 2.5 5 4 10 1.25 2.5
Natural CBD
Natural Terpenes
Lab Tested
Heavy Metals
Synethic CBD
Artificial Additives
How many measures do I take per day to maintain my selected mg amount? 8 4 2 8 4 2 2.5 1 8 4
What is a measure? 1 individual drop 1 individual drop 1 individual drop 1 individual drop 1 individual drop 1 individual drop 1 individual drop 1 capsules 1 individual drop 1 individual drop
Approximately how many days will my product last if I maintain my selected mg amount? 25 50 100 25 50 100 240 30 25 50
Approximately how much will it cost per day to maintain my selected mg amount? 0.7996 0.7398 0.6499 0.7996 0.7398 0.6499 0.479125 0.66633333333333 0.7996 0.7398


This table cannot be 100% accurate as the amount taken per drop can vary dependent on user, but provides an excellent base understanding of supplementing using the full range of Hempura CBD products, not just our CBD oils.

If you haven’t already, we would recommend reading our guide on how much to take.


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