Are you new to CBD oil?

Then let us give you the facts and help you make an informed choice. We appreciate that some people have misconceptions about CBD, and because of those, many people miss out on the benefits that come with it.

Starting with the basics, CBD comes from the cannabis plant that also contains THC. Whilst THC is known for having psychoactive effects on the user, CBD is one of 100+ naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa Hemp plant and won’t get you high.

It’s this misconception that stops people from learning more about CBD, however we are here to change that. Not only is CBD legal, but it can be used in many forms such as CBD oil, CBD creams and much more.

Because CBD has to be sold as food supplements, we are unable to provide any medial advice. However, people across the world have reported many benefits of adding CBD to their daily routine such as improved sleep, reduced stress and anxiety and reduced pain levels.

Overall, CBD is a natural ingredient that can be added to your routine to benefit your quality of life and wellbeing.

What products do we offer?

Our online shop is home to plenty of CBD products, and our most popular items are our CBD oils. We have different strengths depending on what you’re used to, but if you’re starting out we recommend the Hempura Original 250mg CBD Oil with Terpenes (10ml).

To benefit from this CBD oil, place a single drop under the tongue and hold for maximum absorption. Overtime you can look to increase the drops, but it’s important to note that you cannot overdose on CBD.

Why do so many people choose us?

We began Hempura in 2017 and remain focused on providing high-quality, safe and highly effective hemp-derived CBD products. Our team are committed to proving the purest and best quality CBD products on the market and we take great pride in what we do.

All our CBD formulations are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, as well as careful growing processes, to ensure high, consistent quality for all the products you find on our website.

Alongside this, we strive to provide a high quality customer service that looks after our customers and gives them access to the best CBD products available. We have a loyal customer base and we work hard to offer our help and provide advice so everyone can benefit from CBD.

We strive for transparency, and this is reflected in our third party testing. To ensure we always provide the best quality CBD products, we use third-party lab testing for every batch of hemp used during the manufacturing process. Each final product’s lab results can be found on our online database.

You can find out more about CBD by reading our handy CBD guide which helps to answer many popular questions. We also have a free Hempura CBD dosage calendar, which helps you to mark down how much you’re taking and when it would be suitable to increase your dose.

See what our customers have to say

We are proud to have a wealth of positive reviews on Trustpilot such as:

My purchase arrived very swiftly and has been a great help for painful joints and sleep.” Chantal

Very good helping me to sleep and calms me down. I have been using Hempura for a year now and would not be without it.” Noelle

Hempura is a game changer for me. Been using their capsules for a while and they definitely improve my sleep and aid with recovery after training. I’m planning on trying their pure sports oil as well at some point.” Justin T