Best UK CBD Oil

Looking to buy the best UK CBD oil?

More people are beginning to see the benefits of CBD, and with the stigma beginning to lift, perhaps now is the time for you to try something new.

At Hempura Ltd we offer a range of CBD oils that are lab tested and come with no artificial flavours, preservatives or colours. You can choose from:

First time taking CBD oil?

Then we recommend starting with 10mg-15mg CBD a day and building your dose up slowly, but be sure not to exceed 70mg per day. The oil needs to be placed beneath the tongue for up to 90 seconds before swallowing.

Why shop with Hempura Ltd?

Founded in 2017, we are proud to be one of the longest running premium CBD brands in the UK. We are passionate about educating people on the benefits of CBD, and if you’re new to it, check out our knowledge centre where you can learn more.

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