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What is the Best CBD Oil Product for me?


What is the Best CBD Oil Product for me? – Written by Gemma Pybus, London University Lecturer

I’ve been wanting to try CBD oil for quite a while, but I’ve always felt slightly overwhelmed by the choice.

How would I know that I was getting a good quality product? How could I find a reputable UK seller? It was a challenge that put me off buying for a long time.

However, when a friend raved about Hempura CBD oil UK, I thought I’d take a look.



A user-friendly website with lots of helpful information.

Once I was on the website, I did feel reassured by all of the reviews.

The fact that the products are:

  • organically grown
  • from EU regulated farms
  • with no GMO’s
  • aren’t tested on animals

were all really important factors for me, and helped convince me that Hempura was a quality brand that I could trust.

The website was simple to navigate and the descriptions of all of the products in the shop were really clear, particularly the information about dosage – something helpful for me as a complete newbie to the world of CBD oil!

The frequently asked questions and the articles were also helpful, as many of the questions I had about CBD were answered there.

packaged products


Ordering CBD products online was quick and easy

Ordering my products was really straightforward. I decided to invest in quite a few of the products to try and find the best for me.

I ordered my products on a Monday and chose the 48-hour delivery option, receiving my package safely on Wednesday.

As Hempura are a UK CBD shop, dispatch and delivery were extremely fast.

They even offer next day delivery options for their CBD oil and CBD products across the UK and Europe.

I really try to be more environmentally conscious, so was pleased to see that the package arrived in an appropriately sized box and with recyclable packaging. I get frustrated when a small item is posted in a box that’s 5 times bigger than is needed!

The products were all well secured in the packaging, meaning everything arrived safely with no breakages.



Quality CBD oil safely packed and posted

I’m always pleased to receive post that isn’t a bill, so unpacking my delivery was quite exciting – I probably need to get out a bit more!

The boxes that the products came in don’t have plastic inserts (except for the capsules that I ordered, which are safely packaged in blister packs) and will also be easy to recycle.

All of the products also have clear guidelines for use on the packaging and on the actual product itself, along with a use-by date and the code for the lab report.

There was also a handy A5 paper CBD booklet in the package that had lots of useful information, which was a great addition and particularly useful for a new user like me!

I bought the following products:



The Original Oil has the darkest colour and strongest taste

The original oil has a dark colour and tasted quite earthy – not unpleasant but definitely not sweet.

Compared to the rest of the range, it had a much stronger taste but wasn’t as oily as I anticipated and was quickly absorbed when I put it under my tongue.

The aftertaste did linger a little but wasn’t unpleasant. It reminded me of freshly cut grass, though I’ve not actually ingested that!

The CBD tinctures come in a range of concentrations CBD oil 250mg (1.25mg CBD per 1 drop), CBD oil 500mg (2.50mg CBD per 1 drop), and CBD oil 1000mg (5.00mg CBD per 1 drop.)

You can buy this Original full spectrum CBD oil range here



The Refined CBD oil has a lighter flavour but is just as effective

The refined oil has a similarly light texture and was quickly absorbed, and has a golden appearance.

The aroma and taste weren’t as strong as the original oil, and the aftertaste didn’t linger for quite so long – definitely a bonus if you’re not a fan of the stronger flavour of the original oil.

You can buy this broad-spectrum CBD oil range here



The Wild Berry Pure CBD oil has a fresh and fruity taste

If you don’t like the natural taste of either the original or refined oils, I think that the Wild Berry flavour would be a great alternative for you. It has a light flavour and a pleasant and mild aftertaste of natural berries.

As with all of the other products, the instructions for use and recommended dosage were clearly labelled on the packaging alongside the batch number for the lab testing and the use by date.

You can buy the Wild Berry Flavoured Pure CBD oil here



The Sport CBD Oil is orange flavoured and quick to digest

The Sport CBD for athletes product is also flavoured, with a mild orange taste that isn’t overpowering or synthetic tasting.

Unlike the original and refined oils, the Wild Berry and Sports products are made with MCT coconut oil – it stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride.

Apparently, MCT’s are more easily digested than some other carrier oils. But the overall texture of the oils felt the same in my mouth, as they were both light and very quickly absorbed.

I can imagine the Sport CBD, in particular, being particularly helpful for post-exercise recovery, given its quick absorption.

I’ll be using this after my daily run to help with my recovery.

You can buy the Precision Sports CBD oil for Athletes here



CBD Capsules 300mg – great for convenience!

The CBD capsules are also great if you’re not a fan of the natural flavour of the original CBD oils, as they’ve got very little taste.

If trying to decide between CBD pills vs oil, it would purely come down to personal preference.

They are about as long as a 1p coin is wide, and would be really convenient if you are on the go or want to ensure that you’re taking just the right amount (great for a beginner like me!).

You can buy these 300mg CBD capsules online here



CBD cream for the skin – a little goes a long way!

The Revitalise CBD cream for the skin comes in a really lovely glass pot with a wooden lid and smells wonderful – a combination of lemon and pine, which comes naturally from the terpenes contained within the product (as in all of the other CBD products).

It’s a relatively small pot of cream, similar to the size of a standard pot of face cream, but I can safely say that a little goes a very long way! It’s quite a thick cream, but you only need a very small amount.

I spend a lot of time gardening and don’t necessarily give my hands the TLC that they deserve.

But just a small amount of the products on my hands left them feeling instantly more comfortable and hydrated, but without feeling greasy.

You can buy this CBD cream for the skin here



What are Terpenes?

According to Hempura’s article on Terpenes, the scent of pine and lemon in the CBD skin cream are just a couple of the 30,000 plus organic compounds (known as terpenes) that give plants taste and aroma.

They also have their own beneficial properties too, so it’s great that they’ve been included in all of the Hempura products!



Lab Reports for every product – a valuable insight

I took a look at some of the CBD lab reports for the products using the batch number displayed on the packaging. I found the reports clear, helpful and reassuring:

It’s good to see evidence of the fact that there is no THC detected at all in the products.

By seeing this information, I felt even more convinced of the safety and quality of the Hempura products I bought.



Great CBD products and premium service

Overall, I was really impressed by the website, the customer service, and the quality of the products.

I look forward to using them all over the coming months and experiencing the benefits for myself!

I will be recommending these products to my family and friends too, as I feel confident that Hempura is a trustworthy retailer and make some of the best CBD in the UK that I will be incorporating into my day to day life.


Visit Hempura’s CBD UK Shop to buy some of the UK’s best CBD oils, CBD capsules, and more online today – with the option of next day delivery available!

Last Updated on 11/03/2022

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Gemma Pybus
Gemma Pybus is a lecturer at a London University, a keen gardener, an enthusiastic runner and a mum of three.
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