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What does CBD oil taste like?

What does CDB oil taste like?

If you are new to the world of CBD products, one of the things you might be wondering about is the taste of CBD oil. For some people, the thought of an unfamiliar or unpalatable taste might put them off a product, despite knowing the wellbeing benefits that the product can offer!

Many people describe CBD oil as having a nutty, grassy or earthy flavour that isn’t unpleasant. CBD oil is derived from the Cannabis Sativa Industrial Hemp plant.  Hemp has been used for thousands of years as a food product – the seeds are edible and can be used to make a nutritionally rich vegetable oil that remains a popular cooking ingredient to this day![1]


At Hempura, we have a couple of different types of CBD oil extracts available, and these extracts have different flavours:

  • Hempura Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Original extracts are characterised by their dark colour and strong fragrance, thanks to the aromatic and flavourful terpenes contained within Hemp, as well as a range of other organic compounds.  Our Original Extract is left just as nature intended, straight from the fields with the accompanying earthy taste, and containing the full spectrum of cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds found in the original, organically grown Cannabis Sativa Industrial Hemp plant.
  • Hempura’s Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil Refined extracts are manufactured from the same base extract as our Full-Spectrum Original, but the extract has then been purified after initial extraction. These filtration and refinement techniques allow unnecessary compounds to be removed (like the original hemp constituents), leaving a highly activated golden oil with a lighter flavour, which contains a refined cannabinoid and terpene extract.  Some of the trace cannabinoids contained in our original extract are also removed via this refinement process, but both products contain the same amount of CBD and meet the strict UK and EU criteria for Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabinol (CBN) content, with every batch of CBD oil we produce containing less than <0.01% of these compounds (which are both restricted substances in the UK), ensuring that they are legal and safe for consumption. You can find out more about our testing process and batch lab results here.

Some people aren’t keen on the earthy flavour of CBD oils, delivered via a dropper system, so opt for a product where the flavour is masked by other, sweeter natural flavours.  For this reason, we stock a variety of different CBD oil products to meet the needs of all our customers.


CBD chocolates – a sweet solution!

We stock a range of CBD white chocolates in packs of 20, which range in dosage from 10-50mg CBD per chocolate.  Like all of our products, our CBD chocolates are rich in cannabidiol and terpenes but make controlling your dose of CBD a little easier (as each chocolate has a pre-determined dosage within it). These are designed to melt away under the tongue, providing you with the same benefits as our CBD oil products but with a sweeter flavour.




CBD oil in tea

If you aren’t keen on the natural taste of CBD oil products, another option for you could be our flavoured teas. We are proud to offer delicious blends of raspberry or lemon hemp tea, made from the same beneficial, high-quality Cannabis Sativa hemp extracts as our other products, and allowing you to experience the wellbeing properties of these products without compromising on flavour.


cbd hemp tea


So whether you are happy to try our extract oils, or prefer something a little sweeter on the palate, Hempura has something for your particular tastes – take a look at our online store to find out more!



[1]  Lachenmeier, D.W. and Walch, S.G., 2005. Analysis and toxicological evaluation of cannabinoids in hemp food products-A review. Electronic Journal of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Chemistry4(1), pp.812-826.

Last Updated on 09/02/2021

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