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How To Take CBD Oil


Taking CBD oil is easy—if you know how. Hold under the tongue sublingually for oils and chocolates for higher bioavailability, or swallow capsules & vape vapes. But getting the dosage correct and learning how to gauge its effects is the tricky part. Read our guide below for all the info you need.

Different Kinds of CBD Oil

There are two main ways that you can buy CBD oil. The first is in liquid form, and the second is as part of a capsule. Pure liquid CBD is diluted in a carrier oil. This is so that if you want to buy low-strength CBD, then you can; but high-strength CBD oil is also available. The difference is made clear when you buy the product.

The difference is quite large. Hempura 250mg full-spectrum CBD oil contains 250mg of CBD oil per 10ml bottle; Hempura 1000mg full-spectrum CBD oil contains 1000mg per 10ml bottle. The weaker bottle contains 1.25mg of CBD per drop, while the second solution is four times more concentrated.

Alternatively, you could consider using capsules. Capsules are usually pure oil in a tiny liquid-proof case (like fish oil supplements). However, they may also be dried. There is no known difference in effect between the two kinds.

CBD Oil or Capsule?

There’s no hard and fast rule as to whether liquid oil or capsules are ‘better’. Whichever is more convenient for you is the best.

Say for example that you already take several supplements in the morning. If you bought CBD capsule supplements, they would fit right into your routine. You could simply take them with the rest of the pills that you take each morning and evening.

Taking capsules is easy if you’re used to it. You can either take a sip of water before popping the tablet in your mouth, or rest the tablet on your tongue before drinking. If you don’t like the taste of tablets, then drink the water first. Both ways of taking tablets are fine.

Alternatively, if you want to control your dosage exactly, then liquid oil would be the better option for you. You can measure out how much you want in each dose. Oil is therefore better if you want to gradually up your dosage, in order to maximise the effects of CBD (also known as uptitration).

Taking liquid CBD is just as easy. You can either put it directly into food, or take it from a spoon, like people used to take cod liver oil.

Which Kind of CBD Oil Should I Buy?

If you’re just getting started with CBD, then buy a bottle with a relatively low dose per drop. Not only are these cheaper, and therefore best if you’re still making up your mind, but they allow you to properly experience the effects of the oil before upping the dose.

Once you settle on a dosage, then capsules would be better for you. That’s because they’re already measured out. You won’t need to weigh the amount you’re taking every morning and evening, which will save you some time.

But more important than anything else—pick whichever kind of CBD that you like! Some people have a tough time swallowing pills, which is fine. If that’s the case, don’t pressure yourself or make yourself uncomfortable. Do what’s right for you.

Correct CBD Oil Dosage

There is no one medically defined ‘correct’ dosage of CBD. Different people take different amounts, depending on the perceived benefit to themselves. Like other supplements, people use CBD oil as part of a range of products in order to achieve the desired effect. So, ultimately, it’s up to you.

This is especially true because there is such a wide range of products available—in different strengths, for example, or created through different extraction methods. The effects of one CBD supplement may therefore be different to the effects of another.

Start with a low dose of 10 or 15mg per day, taken in two doses, one in the morning and one in the evening. Keep a track of your CBD supplements and how they make you feel. If you find that you feel more of their benefits through upping the dose, then do so by upping the dose slowly—e.g. by one or two mg each time.

Don’t feel pressured to take more or less CBD oil. Stick to a level that’s right for you. Once your body is getting enough, you will start perceiving less and less benefit in upping the dose. Figure out the optimal point in between the initial increased benefit and the subsequent diminished returns.

Measuring CBD Oil Dosage

Of course, if you choose capsules, then there’s no problem figuring out the correct dosage. The dosage is already set at a certain amount per capsule. All you have to do is know how much CBD is in each capsule, and you’re all set.

If you want to measure your oil and put it into food or onto a spoon, there’s an easy way. Simply weigh the bottle before usage and after usage. That tells you exactly how much you’ve used. If you want to be exact, weigh the bottle after each drop for a precise measurement. You could also drop it onto a spoon and weigh that to see how much you’re taking.

How Often Should You Take CBD Oil?

Like any supplement, it’s a good idea to take CBD oil either once or twice a day. Once a day, preferably in the morning, is a basic dose. There’s nothing wrong with just once a day, but in taking two doses (once in the morning and once in the evening) you ensure that you maintain roughly the same level of CBD in your body throughout each 24 hour period.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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