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Discover why Hempura products are so effective


We’re fortunate as a CBD company to have customers that keep coming back for our must-have CBD products. Our subscription numbers keep rising and our word-of-mouth referrals remain as strong as ever.

Why do people love our products and give us comments like these?

“a miracle, honestly.”

“I have tried others but they don’t compare with Hempura.”

In a newly emerging industry like CBD, Hempura focus on 3 Key Things to keep our loyal customers happy:


1. CBD products that genuinely work.

  • We don’t just sell the cheapest products with the most CBD in them that we can possibly muster. Organic cannabis products should contain a rich tapestry of elements to deliver the full cannabis entourage experience.
  • There is a reason there are premium oils that go in sports cars as there is a fundamental difference in efficacy between cheaper and better-quality products – just like with CBD oils.
  • Superior high-quality CBD products take more expertise and effort to manufacture, but new customers to Hempura consistently tell us they would choose to go nowhere else after trying us.
  • We work hard to ensure our products are of a pharmaceutical-grade and are some of the best UK CBD products, therefore bringing the best chance of attaining your goals when using CBD without taking unnecessary quantities or wasting money on ineffective products.

Actual cannabis hemp farm used to grow and manufacture Hempura CBD products


2. Empowering you as a customer so you feel confident in using our products to achieve your goals.

  • Have you ever heard about or watched a video about something amazing, tried to do it yourself but never been confident or shown how to do it properly so it didn’t do what you hoped, and you just gave up? Everyone has.
  • All our products are clearly labelled with directions on exactly how to use them, but most importantly we share a CBD guide with every customer that gives them an insight into exactly what they’re taking and also have a CBD calculator on our online CBD store. What is CBD, where does it come from, how much should I take and when should I take more, what does it interact with within the body, and much more.
  • We hope by giving every customer clear information and knowledge on exactly what they are ultimately taking into their precious bodies, you can utilise our CBD products to their maximum potential without feeling lost.
  • We do this because we truly hope you can achieve the same benefits that many of our customers do, as our CBD products have done some amazing things.
Cannabis hemp plant

Cannabis plant from a farm used to manufacture Hempura’s CBD products


3. Being reliable so you have confidence in us so you can benefit more and fret less!

  • We’ve all experienced in the past where we’ve found something that really works for you, you go to get it again and it is either sold out, the delivery is a nightmare, the customer service is even worse, or the product comes and it’s completely different to what it was last time, and you simply never buy it again.
  • At Hempura, we don’t just focus on our products, we try to imagine the experience of our own business through the eyes of you.
  • We look closely at our ordering process and our website, we try to ensure there is real care taken for each query when you reach out to us, we provide detailed tracking, we offer a high-quality range of CBD oils with Next Day Delivery, such as our 250mg CBD oil, our 500mg CBD oil, and our strongest 1000mg CBD oil, so you always know where your shipment is and receive it quickly.


Try our high-quality CBD skin cream that our customers love!

  • Customers tend to use our CBD topical cream on their backs, elbows, fingers, wrists and more, for targeted application to Repair, Restore and Soothe where you really need it.
  • Don’t assume there isn’t a product out there that can work wonders for you, our luxury CBD cream has had fantastic results that have amazed many of our customers that have tried it!
Hempura high quality CBD cream 500mg

Hempura High-Quality CBD Cream with 500mg of CBD and Terpenes

Last Updated on 14/12/2021

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