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Discover Hempura’s Top 3 Best Selling UK CBD Products


Consumers are buying Hempura’s luxury CBD at an increasingly rapid pace. So much so we’re struggling to keep up with demand!

As the world is struggling with supply shortages due to several factors, discover which of our UK made CBD products are our best-sellers so you can guarantee you don’t miss out. In the run-up to the Black Friday & Christmas shopping excitement, our products are sure to be selling quick!

We offer CBD products with next day delivery options, so you can get your order express!

Luxury CBD oil UK manufactured that works

1. Hempura Original CBD Oil with Terpenes

  • Hempura’s best-selling Original cannabis CBD oil is one of our strongest sellers and has been since Hempura’s origin. Guaranteed to give you a true CBD entourage experience, you can’t lose with our quality guarantee. This is why our customers always keep coming back for more and recommend us to friends and family alike!
  • Our Original extract hemp oil is incredibly popular among buyers in reaching their aspired CBD goals with ease. This is because it contains a powerful array of quality hemp cannabis compounds.
  • All our CBD oil is UK manufactured to pharmaceutical standards to a high degree of precision. This means you do not need to take unnecessary amounts or try countless brands to find one that actually works! A little goes a long way with Hempura’s quality CBD.
  • Our high-grade tinctures are available in 250mg CBD oil, 500mg CBD oil and 1000mg CBD oil concentrations.

100% natural 300mg CBD capsules

2. Hempura Original 300mg CBD Capsules

  • What is more authentic than 100% natural ground hemp that contains all the compounds of the plant in its original quantities? Just what nature ordered, our 300mg CBD capsules are selling in droves and are delivering repeatable results across the UK!
  • Hempura’s exclusive CBD capsules contain organically grown hemp that has been ground to a fine powder, decarboxylated and encapsulated. The relatively unprocessed hemp material carries an extensive array of beneficial cannabis compounds, including sought after terpenes and the all-important CBD. This means you can get maximum beneficial effects with minimum stress and sleep easy.

Discover why Hempura CBD cream is so effective

3. Hempura Revitalise CBD Skin Cream

  • Coined a ‘revelation’ by past users, our CBD cream is applied externally rather than ingested like our other CBD products. Clinically proven, users are applying our most exquisite CBD cream on their knees, fingers, wrists, face and more to benefit from its Repairing, Restoring and Soothing effects. Simply apply our CBD cream to your target area in just small amounts to see the benefits!
  • Our best-selling CBD cream is packed full of beneficial, 100% natural CBD and cannabis terpenes, with no artificial flavours or colours to ensure the product is gentle for all skin types. With a non-oily cream base, the solution absorbs easy and doesn’t leave a nasty residue on the skin.
  • Hempura CBD is only extracted from organically grown hemp plants that are produced naturally with no harmful pesticides or chemicals. If you have been searching for one of the best CBD creams on the market today, look no further.

Whether you’re looking to buy the best CBD oil out there, the best CBD capsules or the best CBD cream, we have it all on our online CBD store that you can order today. Don’t delay and see the results for yourself, order today!

Last Updated on 11/10/2021

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