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CBD Oil vs Gummies, or CBD Vape Juice – which is better?


CBD oil – the basics.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is just one of a large number of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes found in Industrial Hemp (a variant of the Cannabis Sativa Plant). Industrial Hemp has long been used for its health and well-being properties, as well as being used as an ingredient for cooking, in beauty products, and as a fibre for building materials and making clothing.  The therapeutic benefits of this particular cannabinoid, which was first isolated and discovered in the 1960s, are still being uncovered by researchers today.

Hempura’s range of CBD products are manufactured from a high-quality hemp extract which is organically grown and is free from herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. This extract undergoes strict manufacturing processes, as well as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol – a psychoactive cannabinoid which is present at low levels in the Industrial Hemp strain of Cannabis Sativa) removal to ensure legality and safety for all our customers. As our extracts come from organically grown Cannabis Sativa plants, there are microscopic amounts of THC present in our compounds, but these are at an undetectable level (of less than 0.05%), making them legal for sale and use in the UK and the vast majority of the EU.

CBD is now available in a wide variety of forms, not just CBD.  This article walks you through some of the different CBD products available, and how they compare to one another.


CBD Hemp Plant Close-up

Figure 1 – Photo by Jakub Matyáš on Unsplash


Full Spectrum CBD oil vs Broad Spectrum CBD oil.


Hempura Broad Spectrum CBD Oil


CBD oil remains one of the most popular methods of consumption of beneficial CBD supplements.  These oil products aren’t 100% CBD, they contain CBD in a carrier oil so that it can be administered easily in appropriate doses. The carrier oils that we use to create solutions for sublingual (under the tongue) administration are all made from high quality, food-grade hemp seed oil, which is rich in essential Omega 3 and 6.

We stock two different types of CBD oil: full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oil.

Hempura Full-Spectrum Original extracts are left in a relatively raw state after initial extraction, therefore still contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and compounds found in the original hemp plant.

You can identify the full-spectrum CBD oil extract by its dark colour and strong fragrance from its natural terpene profile.  This oil is highly potent and is left as nature intended, straight from the fields with the accompanying earthy taste.

Hempura’s Broad Spectrum refined extracts are manufactured from the same base extract as our Full-Spectrum Original, except the extract has been winterised (where we use a solvent and cold temperatures to separate the various compounds in the extract) and further purified after initial extraction. These filtration and refinement techniques allow unnecessary compounds to be removed (like the original hemp constituents), leaving a highly activated golden oil containing a refined cannabinoid and terpene extract.

It’s important to note that the refinement and purification process does slightly reduce the overall trace cannabinoid spectrum. This applies to all of the cannabinoids in the extract, which will still remain but at lower trace levels than the original extract. Both our broad-spectrum and refined extract products meet the strict THC content regulations (less than 0.2% THC), and contain the same amounts of active CBD.  They are also similar in nature and effect but with very different tastes.


CBD Oil vs Gummies


Hempura CBD Chocolates Edibles


CBD edibles come in a variety of different forms, such as gummies, chocolate and drinks. The main benefit of edibles is that they’re easy to consume and are a great way to mask the taste if you’re not keen on the earthy flavour of traditional CBD oil dropper products!

CBD gummies and chocolates are generally made from CBD isolate and are processed through the liver, which reduces the concentration of CBD that enters the bloodstream.[1]  An edible can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to kick in and lasts for six to eight hours, as factors like your weight and height can have an impact on how fast your body processes the CBD.[2]


CBD oil versus CBD Cream


Hempura CBD Skin Cream Topical


Industrial Hemp has long been used in beauty products and creams thanks to its nourishing and moisturising qualities, but now more people are also wanting the add the beneficial cannabinoid of CBD to their beauty regime too! Our skin contains numerous cannabinoid receptors which are bound and activated by CBD for improved well-being, and CBD beauty products can help repair, restore and soothe the skin.

Hempura offers a CBD-rich topical cream which is packed with 100% natural cannabinoids and contains no artificial flavours or colours. To view our range of Hempura CBD Creams, click here.


CBD oil versus Vape


Hempura CBD Vape Juice with Terpenes


Vaping has increased in popularity significantly over the last few years as individuals have sought out an alternative to traditional cigarettes.  For customers who already vape, CBD oil vape products can be a convenient way of incorporating the wellbeing benefits of CBD supplements into their day-to-day life.

Inhaling vaporised CBD oil through e-cigarettes is actually the fastest way to experience the benefits of CBD as the compounds are inhaled and absorbed directly from the lungs into the bloodstream.

The discussion is ongoing as to whether vaping does damage to delicate lung tissue so proceed with caution if you choose to vape CBD, and ensure that you source any CBD vape products from a reputable manufacturer and retailer so that you know only top-quality ingredients are used in the strict manufacturing process.  You can view Hempura’s range of CBD Vape products here.


CBD oil versus tablets


Hempura CBD Capsules Edibles


Just like CBD edibles, CBD capsules are often enjoyed most by those individuals who don’t really like the earthy flavours of our traditional CBD oil products or want to be able to carefully control the amount of CBD that they are ingesting.

CBD capsules release CBD at a much slower rate than traditional CBD oil dropper ingestion, as the human digestion process takes place over six to eight hours. The exact time it takes for CBD capsules to start working depends on the individual and a variety of personal factors such as your weight and height, which will affect how long it takes your body to absorb it. Generally, the effect of CBD capsules will be felt gradually throughout the whole day.

Hempura offers full-spectrum capsules, containing 10mg of CBD per capsule. They are rich in active cannabinoids and terpenes and made from HPMC, which is vegetarian-friendly.  For more information about CBD capsules vs. CBD oil, please read our blog on the topic.


Find the right CBD oil product for you

In this growing market of CBD products, it’s really important to understand the different ways that you can consume CBD and how each type of product interacts with your body. Depending on your personal preferences, such as taste and convenience, you might find that certain products work better for you than others, so experimentation is often worthwhile as you begin your CBD journey.

Interested in learning more about the wide range of CBD products available? Why not take a look at our shop to find out more?  Our full range of high-quality CBD products includes:

  • CBD oil (both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oils)
  • CBD chocolates – a tasty and convenient way to supplement with CBD!
  • CBD topical cream – clinically proven to repair, restore and soothe
  • Hemp Tea – a herbal tea (available in either raspberry or lemon flavour)
  • CBD capsules – a convenient way to add CBD to your day-to-day life
  • CBD Vape – specially developed to be as potent and effective as possible and safe for daily use.

Hempura offers credible, trustworthy products on an efficient platform for your CBD needs, and all of our products undergo rigorous testing before sale.  To view our full range of some of the best CBD oil UK products, all of which meet the regulations for legal sale in the UK, why not take a look at our online shop?






Last Updated on 26/05/2021

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