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CBD in Sports – Can I take it?


CBD in Sports – Can I take it?

Cannabidiol (also known as CBD) is one of over 60 compounds found in the Industrial Hemp strain of Cannabis Sativa. It was first isolated and identified in the 1960s [i], and research into the wellbeing and therapeutic properties of this cannabinoid are still being carried out today.

Public awareness and use of CBD products have increased dramatically over the past few years, with many people finding that the addition of a CBD supplement to their daily routine can bring gentle feelings of wellbeing and balance once they have found the appropriate dosage for them.

One area that has seen a growth in interest in CBD is professional sports, given that research has suggested Cannabidiol possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and analgesic properties (Bergameschi et al, 2011[ii]; Mechoulam et al, 2002[iii]).  These characteristics make it beneficial for an athlete’s recovery and overall wellbeing, particularly if they are involved in a highly physically demanding activity, whether that is running or rugby, or cycling or swimming (or a whole host of other physically demanding sports)!

Let’s consider Rugby, for example – in the article “Cannabidiol Use within Male Professional Rugby Union and League Players; a quest for pain relief and enhanced recovery”, it is highlighted that players experience a high level of inflammation and soreness given their extremely physically demanding roles and those new and effective strategies to treat these issues – such as with CBD oil products – are constantly being investigated and utilised[iv].


Why are cannabinoids banned in sport?

All cannabinoids, apart from Cannabidiol (CBD), are banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, the organisation that works hard to remove the presence of performance-enhancing drugs from professional sports.  This agency generally advises caution when it comes to using CBD as part of a recovery treatment plan, as many CBD oils derived from whole-plant Cannabis Sativa contain trace elements of other cannabinoids, which could result in the athlete giving a positive test for prohibited cannabinoids when undergoing mandatory drugs testing.


CBD Products for athletes, a solution to the problem.

Despite the fact that all of Hempura’s high-quality CBD products already meet the strict legal parameters for CBD oil in the UK and Europe in terms of THC content, etc., and are safe for use (they are also fully compliant with the Novel Foods requirements which came into effect on the 1st April 2021) we are fully aware of the issues trace cannabinoids can cause for athletes, so have taken steps to create a specially developed CBD oil for sports use.

Hempura Sports CBD oil has been developed ‘from the ground up’ so that it only incorporates beneficial cannabidiol (CBD) and terpenes.  There are no trace elements to be aware of, including THC and CBN – the controlled substances flagged by sports drug tests.


pure precision cbd oil sport

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Lab Testing – central to the safety and quality of Hempura products.

Lab reports are a legal requirement to sell CBD products in the UK. At Hempura, we operate full product traceability and strict processes for managing the batches of our products to ensure safety, so if you want to view the exact chemical composition of your Sports CBD oil products, you can easily access the lab report (showing the content of CBD, THC and CBN content, as well as other cannabinoids) by uploading the unique batch code from your Hempura product label to the dedicated Hempura Labs page:


CBD oil for athlete recovery

It is not just the cannabinoid content of our Sports CBD product that has been developed specifically for use by athletes – the CBD oil has been designed for fast absorption, helping athletes to feel the wellbeing benefits of the product as quickly as possible.  Not only is this CBD oil as pure as possible (with the vast majority of hemp constituents being removed to leave a super clean solution), but we have used MCT coconut oil as the ‘carrier’ oil for this product.  Across the rest of the Hempura range, hemp seed oil is used as a carrier oil thanks to its health and wellbeing properties, but in our Precision Sports CBD products, MCT coconut oil has been chosen since it is rapidly digested and absorbed by the body.

To find out more about our brand new CBD sports product – or the rest of the range of high-quality, trusted CBD products we offer – please visit our online shop for more information.



[i] Burstein, S., 2015. Cannabidiol (CBD) and its analogs: a review of their effects on inflammation. Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry23(7), pp.1377-1385.

[ii] Bergamaschi, M.M., Queiroz, R.H., Zuardi, A.W., & Crippa, J.A. (2011). Safety and side effects of cannabidiol, a Cannabis sativa constituent. Current Drug Safety, 6(1), 237–249.

[iii] Mechoulam, R., & Hanus, L. (2002). Cannabidiol: An overview of some chemical and pharmacological aspects. Part I: Chemical aspects. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids, 121(1–2), 35–43. PubMed ID: 12505688 doi:10.1016/S0009-3084(02)00144-5

[iv] Source: Kasper, et al. 2020. High prevalence of cannabidiol use within male professional Rugby union and league players: a quest for pain relief and enhanced recovery. International journal of sports nutrition and exercise metabolism30(5), pp.315-322.

Last Updated on 04/04/2022

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