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Discover 3 Reasons why customers come back for Hempura’s best CBD oils & products


At Hempura UK, we’re fortunate to have many loyal customers that come back regularly for our best quality CBD oils & products. Some prefer our subscribe and save subscription scheme while others like to mix it up with a change in products. Berry flavour CBD oil one month and maybe capsules the next.

Why do people love our products and give us comments like these?

“Hempura is a game-changer for me. Been using their capsules for a while and they definitely improve and aid with recovery after training. I’m planning on trying their pure sports oil as well at some point.”

“I have tried a number of different suppliers of CBD capsules and I continue to return to Hempura. The company has good recommendations and reviews and products are extremely well priced.”


In a health-related industry like CBD, Hempura focus on 3 key things to make products that genuinely work:


1. Manufactured to a pharmaceutical-grade with safety and compliance in mind

  • Customer safety includes product compliance and is our #1 priority for our CBD product range. Users should feel confident that the products they purchase are legal, safe and meet the various regulations applicable to CBD products.
  • We take compliance seriously as our customers are putting the products into their bodies, and are hoping for relief from a certain issue. By ensuring our products are precision manufactured, we give users the best chance to get the result they seek from using CBD.
  • Hempura CBD oils and CBD capsules are part of an ongoing EU Novel Foods application, whereby the manufacturing process and documentation must demonstrate pharmaceutical level formula standardisation between all batches, as well as absolute zero THC and CBN. This means the products between batches are essentially the same each time and always as effective as the last.


2. We focus on product efficacy, where quality over quantity is the best approach to CBD products

  • The best CBD oils and products take more knowledge and time to manufacture, but it is worth the extra effort during manufacture as new customers regularly tell us they would choose to go nowhere else after trying Hempura CBD products.
  • We work painstakingly to ensure our products are of a pharmaceutical grade, therefore bringing the best chance of reaching your goals when taking CBD without taking unwarranted quantities or squandering money on inefficient products.
  • Some companies merely import CBD products from abroad without truly understanding what goes into them. Instead, they focus on maximising profits. At Hempura we focus on product quality, caring about the results our customers will experience.
  • UK CBD oil isn’t just CBD oil. There is a vast spectrum of quality and variances possible in the manufacture of the final product and can be impacted by many different factors in the manufacturing process.


3. Never made with chemically synthesised CBD. Hempura CBD products are made with naturally grown hemp-extracted CBD

  • The hemp used to manufacture Hempura CBD oils and products is organically grown across Europe then imported into the UK. The extraction and manufacture of the various products occur in a UK based laboratory.
  • Synthesized CBD products are not natural products at all, but instead are a mixture of often low-cost and often volatile chemicals designed to imitate “the DNA” of this highly beneficial organic compound. They often do not make it clear that the CBD used isn’t natural, either.
  • A high quality, naturally derived CBD oil also contain terpenes, Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids as well as a range of other beneficial phytonutrients and hemp constituents, so it is incredibly challenging to effectively and safely ‘mimic’ the full range of organic compounds in Industrial Hemp by using synthesized chemicals.

We use only organically grown real hemp plants and manufacture them to pharmaceutical standards. Hempura CBD oils and products deliver the true CBD experience that you have heard of.

exceptional CBD products

Buy some of the best CBD oil UK online today from the Hempura UK CBD Shop, with next day delivery options available. We also have CBD capsules, CBD vape juices, Sports CBD for athletes. CBD cream and also flavoured CBD oils are available.

Last Updated on 11/03/2022

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