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2 Critical Factors That Make Hempura’s Superior CBD Oil Products That You Should Remember


At Hempura, we’re honoured to have loyal customers that have been using our natural CBD products for years. Some even since our founding in 2017.

We regularly reflect on why this is to ensure we stay close to our roots.

Our Trustpilot is one of our favourite places to see our customer feedback and how they are truly impacting people’s lives positively:

“Excellent product that actually works”

“A fantastic product, I have tried other good and cheaper options but nothing matches Hempura.”

exceptional CBD

As the UK and global CBD oil market mature, Hempura focuses on 2 critical factors:


1. Hempura Never Uses Potentially Dangerous Chemically Synthesised CBD – Always Natural and Never Artificial

  • Some CBD companies are starting to manufacture their products with chemically synthesised CBD, rather than extracting it from a natural, organically grown hemp plant, and do not make it clear on their websites or packaging.
  • Synthetic CBD manufacturers have approached us multiple times over the years to try to have us use their cheaper alternative in our products.
  • What we noticed was there were still detectable levels of dangerous chemicals present in some samples, such as n-Heptane.
  • n-Heptane is one of the main components of gasoline, is highly flammable and is a hazardous chemical. This is not something we would allow our customers to consume.
  • While it may be cheaper and less labour intensive than growing hemp plants, synthetic CBD is created by mixing various hazardous chemicals to try to mimic the ‘DNA’ of the CBD molecule. Rather than allowing nature to produce it, as it has done for thousands of years.

At Hempura UK, we only use naturally grown plant extracted CBD to create the best quality and safest CBD oil products possible.

Hempura CBD Capsules

2. Hempura’s Quality Over Quantity Approach Creates Superior CBD Products that Actually Work

  • There are many different CBD companies out there with a huge array of different product formulations, manufacturing methods and raw material sources.
  • CBD oil isn’t just CBD oil. There are many factors that are critical to the end product and how effective it is.
  • Some companies just import products from abroad without truly understanding what goes into them. Instead, focus on costs and maximising CBD content. Rather than focusing on the quality and caring about the results the consumer will get.
  • This leaves consumers disappointed in the results of poor quality CBD and dismissing it, missing out on the true potential that Hempura CBD can deliver.
  • At Hempura, our CBD products are quality and results focussed.
  • Packed with highly beneficial, lab-guaranteed CBD, rich in cannabis terpenes and other beneficial hemp compounds.
  • We are confident our products deliver a true CBD cannabis experience. Allowing users to achieve the same goals they’ve read or heard about from other users.

We use only organically grown real hemp plants and manufacture to pharmaceutical standards. Hempura CBD oils and products deliver the true CBD experience that you have heard of.

Luxury CBD That Works

Buy some of the best CBD oil UK online today from the Hempura UK CBD Shop, with next day delivery options available. We also have CBD capsules, CBD vape juices, Sports CBD for athletes. CBD cream and also flavoured CBD oils are available.

Last Updated on 11/03/2022

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